Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Students seeking teacher

It's becoming quite common to come across teachers online wistfully writing or tweeting about what they would like to do if they had the 'right' conditions to enable them to teach School 2.0 or use Web 2.0 or have whatever form of ideal 21st century classroom they can imagine. They would have motivated and engaged learners, they would have ample technology, fast internet, open firewalls, opportunities to innovate etc etc.
This week I have seen the other side of the coin; students who have experienced and enjoy learning in this way worried about who will be replacing their innovative teacher when she goes on maternity leave and taking matters into their own hands to film their own advertisement for the ensuing vacancy. They went through their usual process of brainstorming, storyboarding, scripting, filming and editing and produced this by themselves. With their permission I have embedded their movie below and if you want to see the full advertisement this link will take you to it....

And thanks to all those on twitter last night who helped spread the word! The students are waiting with bated breath to see those applications roll in - or just one application from the right person would be enough.


  1. Wow Room 18, that is one awesome advertisement. You make me want to be a primary teacher.

    Dorothy what a great idea, I have forwarded to a couple of my colleagues, its tempting to get a qualification in primary teaching - I would love to work in an environment like PES :-)

  2. I just love this! How could any teacher resist? Wish Room 18 luck and ask them to do a follow-up and let us all know how they got on!

  3. What a fabulous advertisement, room 18! I showed it to a teacher here in the UK and said immediately he'd love to apply, but New Zealand is too far away for him :-(
    However, I liked your advertisement so much that I've blogged about it to see if there are some other teachers out there who might apply. Good luck!

  4. @Naketa You would be great! But I think your sector would miss you too much - we have to share the great teachers around :)
    @ Belinda and @Derek Thanks very much for reposting their advert. They are a fantastic bunch of kids. We are so pleased that the Web 2 by-line invented by our students in 2005 with KPE, "Let Our Voice be Heard", has led them to understand that they could have an effective voice in this process. They only need ONE good applicant!

  5. Wow, this is so awesome. Shows what an 'on to it' teacher they have and what a clever class they are. I am guessing there are lots of teachers who are thinking this would be a great class to teach! Well done Room 18 - Hope you get an amazing teacher! :)