Friday, October 16, 2009

Peruvian Mihi

One of the fun aspects of arriving at The Education Project Bahrain is meeting up with Gabriela Ojeda from Peru, who we have got to know through the Rock Our World projects. We have talked from time to time via video conference, and it is quite something to meet up in the Middle East at this conference. One of the things we appreciated about Gaby from collaborating online was how her students responded to our Pt England kids' mihimihi on Flickr. They left a lot of thoughtful comments for the students.
Her students in Peru (which she says is pronounced correctly with a Maori accent, NOT a kiwi one!) are creating Mihi, modelling on the ones published by the PES students. Like so many of the people we are meeting at this conference, they are multi-lingual, so will create their mihi in two or more languages. Looking forward to seeing these!


  1. Hello there Dorothy and Gabriela. We were so happy to visiti our mihi and find our ROW friends from Peru had left us messages. It will be fantastic having the opportunity to visit your mihi soon. We can't wait! I hope you got a chance to say your mihi too Dorothy! I will be showing this to the kids on Monday.
    Go well.

  2. @ Andrea - you will be even more pleased when I arrive back with the goodies she has sent for you and the ROW kids.Here's hoping I get them through customs ok!