Sunday, January 24, 2010

Google Apps Status Dashboard

Google Apps status updates are available from this link.

It is well worth bookmarking and going there whenever you are beginning to feel like you are wrestling with one of the Google Apps.

In their words, "This page offers performance information for Google Apps services. Unless otherwise noted, this status information applies to consumer services as well as services for organisations using Google Apps."

You can see from this screen shot that information is supplied about 11 Apps.
Hands up who wishes Blogger was one of them??

You can see from the information supplied about this outage with Google Sites that there was less than an hour between them publicly acknowledging the problem and posting again that it was fixed.
Note the RSS feed at the bottom of the Google Apps Status Dashboard page. I have added it to my iGoogle page so it is nice and handy to keep an eye on.

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  1. Hopefully, I will have a chance, on Friday week, to discuss using Google Apps in my class this year with you. I also want to connect with Helen to arrange the mentoring sessions for my students with hers if that is still possible.