Thursday, February 4, 2010

Adults learn from Students

School is back! Three days in to the new year and there is a learning buzz in the air. Happy kids and invigorated teachers are always fun to be around. It is the time of year when routines are being set and monitors are being assigned to key tasks around the school.

One of the 'positions of responsibility' for Year 6 students at Pt England School is presenting to adult visitors. Auditions are being held today and somewhere between 4 and 6 students will be selected to fulfill this role for 2010. They will not necessarily be the most articulate or confident students (that is very easy to train them into). It will be students who have something important to say about their learning and who genuinely are doing what they speak about! They will write their scripts of what they want to say about their learning, talk it over with the teachers in the eLearning Team, and start preparing for the first group of visitors expected in Week 3 - a group from America.

This is a very empowering role for students and I love watching them develop in confidence and skill over the year. This group becomes (if the past years are anything to go by) the epitome of confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners at 10 years of age. Before the mantle is passed on to the 2010 team, I thought I would publish links here to the presenting team of 2009. Each of these students published what they had to share with visitors on their personal blogs at the end of 2010. If you are interested, follow through these links and watch the videos of their presentations.

Sela speaks about her learning through podcasting
Helen speaks about
her learning through PE.N.N. (our daily school television)
Paulitia speaks about
her learning through schoolTV (our public television programme)
Leoden speaks about his learning through video conferencing
Tanielu speaks about
his learning through blogging
Cruz was the team technician!


  1. What a wonderful way to develop students' confidence and leadership skills. Looking at these student blogs it is obvious that they were very proud of their roles.

  2. My ten and eleven year old students are just starting to blog. Is there a home page for your student blogs so they could visit and learn? I just visited and would like my students to see more blogs like that.

    Susan Sedro - Singapore American School

  3. @Susan We have a home page for the class blogs here.

    The 4 classes who have individual student blogs this year with 9, 10 and 11 year old bloggers are:
    Room 20
    Room 15
    Room 19
    Room 17
    The student blogs can be accessed from a blog list on the side bar of the class blogs. NB: we have just started back at school for our new year, so the blog lists may not be complete until the end of this coming week, Feb 12

    @Pam You are so right about that. Their confidence in themselves developed very quickly.

  4. Hi everyone... I really love reading about the fantastic ways you have inspired your students. This has been reflected in so many ways by all the students whom you have been in contact with.... Keep up the fantastic learning
    Maryanne Ferris
    Roslyn School

  5. @Maryanne -Thanks for the feedback. We do have a fantastic bunch of students to work with.