Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maori TV shows the way - again

Ok, that title may be a tad over the top, since I am writing about a piece they did featuring Pt England School, but they really do make some great television on that channel!
We became dedicated fans of Maori TV a couple of years ago when they did their first all day ANZAC special and even included the mother-of-the-nation, Judy Bailey, as one of their presenters.
It bothers me when I see kiwis griping about tax payer money going their way because from my couch they make by far the best use of my taxes of any of the government funded channels in NZ.  And if all that is bothering you is a bit of Te Reo and the sub-titles, then you really need to get over yourself!
Towards the end of last year they contacted us to see if they could do a piece about eLearning for the 411 programme which has a technology, science and design focus.  It aired in March this year and it was only this week that I discovered the archive online.  Unfortunately they don't offer an embed facility so you will need to pop over there on this link to catch the full show.  I just snipped off the last minute of it to upload here.  Kia ora!
We were very impressed by their interaction while in the school filming and by their journalism when we finally saw the story they told.  And we have been using the camera work and editing as exemplars for our staff and kids.


  1. Couldn't agree more. Maori TV is a quality broadcaster all over. Funny thing is how many people watch it. So often programmes come up in conversation and lots of people in the room had tuned in also.

    The whole project is a success story.. and gets better and better.

  2. @Mike I think a big part of it is that they are engaging. The presenters, the camera work, the concepts for shows. In our house we start out on the English language programmes, get bored and start channel surfing and something on Maori TV hooks us. One time we found ourselves watching (and enjoying) a debate - in Te Reo, with subtitles. No action at all. But the debators were great (quirky and humorous) and we stayed with it to the end.

  3. The blog was very awesome it was nice to watch Mario TV. I really like the video because I see the students engaged and motivated to do their work. I love to see young students working trying to learn new things. It gives me high hope to see students learning in a creative way. I can really tell these students like to learn. I also love the fact that the students are so involved, and they have a desire to connect with other classmate