Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Haul - Shopping for America

Doing our bit to support the American economy is an important feature of any trip to this part of the world and we have made sure we didn't drop the ball on this one. Today I realised that this could be another authentic education activity, thanks to reading USA Today over my morning coffee.

US teenagers (I have only come across girls so far) are posting 'haul' (shopping Show 'n Tell) videos on YouTube. And stores are starting to take them seriously. Makes my couple of photos posted on Facebook pale into insignificance! The example I have embedded below is heading towards a million views and there are heaps more of them online.

After visits to the US I usually return home buzzing with ideas about how we can leverage the latest technology trends in our schools, particularly with a focus on literacy. It wouldn't take much to integrate this idea into the English curriculum, but I can also see a great 'hook' here for Maths- we just need a sponsor.
Watch this space for the launching of the "GI Haul" video channel!

A haul video is a video displaying the fruits of a shopping trip which someone uploads to the Internet. Haul videos may be used by bloggers to connect with their readers and community, and they are also used to generate communities of their own...... Researchers who are interested in the changing ways in which the Internet is utilized and people interact with each other may cite the haul video as one example of how the Internet has changed social interaction. Historically, young women commonly showed off their hauls in person to friends, parents, and roommates. Today, they may be more inclined to post a haul video which will reach not only friends and family, but people all over the world who may be interested in the vlogger's life or opinions on fashion.


  1. Oh my! I must say I love the fresh eye you have on every opportunity that you can leverage for the kids in your community - it's masterful! :) As for the haul videos - wow! Just when you thought you'd seen the most amazing 'Only in America' thing, there's always another! Thanks for sharing these Americanisms in the last 2 posts.

  2. I so do like the idea of a 'loot' haul video- all the stuff you've bought. Good for you keeping the American economy going. I am personally keeping the New Zealand economy going all on my own.

  3. @Amanda @Allanah You two are so funny - I am not sure that we have enough malls and shops for the haul thing to take off here. It certainly requires a lot of confidence to go public like that anyway. Can't believe she can keep it up for 10 minutes and that is only one episode! I see on FB that you are keeping the travel industry well supported through the holidays Allanah

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