Saturday, January 8, 2011

Food Technology

Holidays at the beach, and this year we are enjoying a faster internet connection than many New Zealanders experience in the city. We are making the most of the fibre rollout around the Coromandel and are catching up on all kinds of recreational web surfing that got put aside in the busyness of the year just gone.

We discovered one piece of technology that made us laugh when we walked down the beach to Luke's Kitchen for dinner.  Luke has been enterprising and has started up a pizza place out of a caravan and a lean-to he built that kinda reminds us of eateries in Phuket.  He says he built it himself using bamboo out of the bush behind (it is at the foot of the Black Jack Hill). He also has live music provided by friends playing in the garage alongside. The pizzas are fabulous and the million dollar view over the Bay makes it a great night out.

After placing our order over the counter in the caravan, the waitress attached the Post-it to a pully and whisked it outside to the oven.  I pulled out my iPhone to grab a few photos and put together this movie.

I have been experimenting with a fun piece of movie making software from Aquafadas called "KidsMotion". These guys keep rolling out cool apps that are must haves for schools.