Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Manaiakalani Research: 2008 - 2010

Colleen Gleeson from "The Learning Edge" has released the eagerly awaited report from her research into the Manaiakalani Project.  The focus question was  "What is the impact of the Manaiakalani Project on literacy teaching and learning?"  She has been gathering data from students, lead teachers, principals and parents over three years, 2008-2010.  She has released interim reports at the end of each year which can be accessed here.  Her final report is available here.

The Project definitely provided a motivation for writing, an improvement in audience awareness and purpose and in presentation skills. Other school interventions also had an impact on literacy achievement; however the Project has provided a purpose and enthusiasm for literacy.

The students of Manaiakalani were provided with a “hook” (e-learning outcomes published in on-line spaces) which gave these decile 1 students a voice to be heard globally. Subsequently, participating in the Manaiakalani Project enhanced their literacy, engagement, oral language and presentation.

With the advent of netbooks in 2011, schools are starting on a new and innovative initiative that, with careful planning and implementation and adequate support and funding, could be the key to 21st century education in New Zealand.

This gives us a lot of confidence in our pedagogical foundation as we move into Phase 2:  The Manaiakalani Project provides 1:1 digital learning opportunities for all students in years 5-13, rolling out across 7 Decile 1a schools in 2011/2012.


  1. Absolutely brilliant. Your project is an inspiration to us all.

    Kia kaha, kia manawanui.


  2. Thanks Allanah :) It has been a huge team effort, and right now we are in the fun weeks of rolling out the Netbooks to see what difference 1:1 makes using the same pedagogy, but with kids having Ax3 access.... keep you posted....

  3. Excellent Dorothy, many of us have been following Manaiakalani and know the difference your team is making for students. Thanks for sharing the report...more exciting times ahead with 1:1.. looking forward to reading more.

    Nga mihi nui

  4. Well done Dorothy et al. You have added another layer to the concept of success and making a difference. Really looking forward to the now what 8-}

  5. You and your students are a beacon for us all to follow.

  6. FANTASTIC! I can't wait to see what new enhancements 2011 will bring to the region and the greater educational community. JT

  7. My name is Jennifer Hackney and I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I really have enjoyed everything in your blog and it has some great information. The Manaiakalani project is awesome. Sounds like you and your team are making a tremendous difference in students lives. As a future educator, I want to be the teacher who makes a difference and I want my students to be eager and ready to learn.

  8. 'O' for Awesome Dorothy and All involved! Very inspirational after reading through the report. It just makes me want to show my staff what is possible, can be achieved!

    Look forward to catching up again,

    Sala'a Lologa
    Randwick Park School