Saturday, March 5, 2011

T.E.A.M. work : behind the scenes of a 1:1 rollout

Our 1:1 rollout has had some amazing people and organisations donate time and passion - and most importantly a sense of belief that this is actually possible!  I would like to acknowledge some of these organisations here.  In a recent update to the Minister of Education, Russell Burt attempted to list all those who have been involved so far:

  • It has been invaluable working in partnership with a government initiative in our community (The Tamaki Transformation Programme)
  • Working with MOE to problem solve and receive advice has been absolutely crucial and the support of professional development and research essential.
  • WINZ have been of great assistance treating the Netbook bond payment as a stationery item 
  • Housing NZ has helped with access to the roofs of houses and with finance for the 1st phase of the wireless build 
  • Equico under Paul Beattie underwrote the cost and the liability of our 1st 450 netbooks for parents to lease, to the value of $xxx
  • Fusion Networks under Andrew Gurr, have donated development & design time to the wireless build 
  • Hapara Ltd under Jan Zawadzki, have donated countless hours of design & build time to our cloud solution the 'Teacher Dashboard' 
  • Simpson Grierson donated the time to develop and establish Manaiakalani Education Trust which is now the holder and distributor of these joint resources. 
  • Cranleigh Merchant Bank donated the time to help us improve our business case and
  • A Volunteer Developer Group (the Manaiakalani Hackers) built our netbook operating system free of charge ( a contribution of 100's of hours) 
  • Norrcom, under Paul Norris and Edtech, under Peter Nelson helped us acquire and roll out the devices at an affordable price. 
  • Manaiakalani Education Trust with its establishment trustees, Pat Snedden (chair), Brett
    O'Reilly (ICT NZ) Robert Carter (Devanti) Anthony Samuels (community) Greg Va'afusuaga (community) Mele Latu (community) have accepted the liability and responsibility for resource and support.
Together Everyone Achieves More

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  1. As a participant of Manaiakalani, it has been very humbling to have this highly valued initiative materialise before our eyes - hats off to this powerful group of people who have worked tirelessly on our behalf.