Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Services Available to your School

Behind the scenes, the adminstrator(s) of your Google Apps for Education account have received notification that your school account is going to be transitioned to the new infrastructure.  And they have the choice of doing it at their own pace, or leaving it to Google to action early this year. 

We decided to do it ourselves, and began the process by selecting which services of the 61 on offer we would make available to the school community.  We chose 3: Blogger, Picassa and Google Reader.  We will add more as teachers request them, but thought those were enough to get our heads around initially.
The briefing for account administrators includes:
"We're adding more services to your control panel, so be sure to tell us whether to turn each service on or off. After the transition, you'll be able to change available services for units within your organization.

Turning off a service prevents your users from signing in to the disabled service with the account assigned by your organization. They will still be able to sign in to those services using accounts that don't belong to your organization."
Why is this good news?  For one thing, once you sign in to your Google Apps account you now have these extra services available to access seamlessly without have to alter sharing permissions and you don't have to sign in again. For another, our students are all under legal age to own public Google accounts and so they can use these services without the teacher having to set up class accounts under their own name.

The video below is a screen capture and walk through of what it looked like when I explored this signed in as an administrator.


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