Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dream Job

How do you feel about your job?  Would you call it your dream job?

From time to time I meet people who don't seem that thrilled about their job.  I guess in recession times it is understandable why they don't move on, but I have often wondered why they would keep doing it. 

Today I came across this diagram when I was reading Jen Hegna's Moodle course on Creating Student ePortfolios with Google Sites (and yes, I did have a smile at using Moodle to workshop Sites....).

I feel blessed that my job has more often than not landed me in that sweet intersection of passion/talent/career. Hard work, crazy hours - impossible milestones! But if those 3 circles align it doesn't seem to matter.

How 'bout you?....


  1. I am there- right with you.

    It, at last, gives meaning to learning about Venn diagrams in Form Two.

    At the intersection of all three.

  2. nice post.
    I like this venn diagram at

    It's the flipside of this one. The reason to search out that dream job.

    This is Indexed is always wonderfully concise. Good for causing thinking.

  3. I vacillate a little.
    I get wrapped up in a task and then realise hours have gone by and then I think, "Well it doesn't matter because I've been enjoying myself." I guess that's when those three circles must have been lining up.
    But then I wonder about balance and the call of other areas of my life - family and other interests. They don't always to get the attention they deserve.
    Tina D

  4. I love both your diagram and Tim's one. I also think that you need to be aware that passions, talents and the employment market change over time. Perhaps there should be cause to bring these diagrams out regularly to make sure you haven't fallen into a rut...

  5. @Allanah Good point about those Venn diagrams. They just seemed like 'easy' Maths to kick off the year in February didn't they! I would have picked you for a person at the intersection - kinda comes through in your writing and speaking :)
    @Tim Thanks for the inverse diagram - think we need a way to discreetly send it to a few people. You can't get much simpler thinking than that
    @Tina work/life balance - hmmm is that another post? I think passion is a little more than 'I've been enjoying myself' though. My first thoughts are that when those 3 circles align things get done much quicker, more effortlessly etc and don't impact on work/life balance as much as when you are in Tim's model.
    @traintheteacher Absolutely agree - that's why I think this diagram is a keeper to pin on the wall/fridge/behind-the-dunny-door

    1. Tempting fate? I am just reflecting on posts I published in 2011 and wouldn't you know it... the day after I wrote this post I broke my foot (spiral fracture 5th metatarsal and joints) and embarked upon 6 very character building months as I endeavoured to keep up with my work and the very basics of day-to-day living like making a cup of tea!
      So I have a 4th circle to add: It wraps around the outside of the other 3....
      Having the physical and mental capabilities to function successfully at the level required for the dream job