Thursday, May 31, 2012

Embedding a 1:1 programme

The school year is well underway and all our Year 5 to 13 classes in the seven Manaiakalani schools are now using netbooks as the basic learning tool for every child.  It has been useful to stop and reflect on our progress in the last week. To those in the know, that means we have just completed our mid year milestone document for the Ministry of Education!

We are only in our second year of going 1:1, but it is already becoming increasingly difficult to write a blanket report about our progress.  We need to differentiate in our reporting, and this graphic below is our attempt to show the complexities developing within our schools.
Each X represents a teacher in one of our Manaiakalani schools

We have some students who are in their first year of net booking (1:1) and some who are in their second year. Then we have teachers who are in first year of 1:1 and teachers who are in their second year.

And just to make it a little more interesting we have about 60 kids in Year 9 this year who are in their third year as they were in the two pilot classes back in Year 7.

It probably is no surprise to you that the teachers reporting the easiest start to the year are those who are in their second year of 1:1 teaching with second year kids.
The most challenging?  Teachers in their first year with second year kids.

This is going to get increasingly challenging in 2013 when our schools hire in new teachers for students in their third year of 1:1 learning! 


  1. My name is Sabra Gilley and as I am in the beginning of EDM 310 I have really been able to see just how fast our world is transferring to a complete technologically based system. It is so fascinating to see that schools are growing so quickly in building their technology base. I can only imagine how much the new systems and software that are available to students, such as the net book, are helping to teach our future leaders. At the same time I can see where this vast change in technology could be somewhat difficult in the beginning to use as a main source of learning. When I pondered your graph on the teacher/student ratio on using net books, I could do nothing but shake my head. It is so crazy to know that in a majority of cases children know how to run and navigate technology more so than adults. This is disappointing when you stop and think about it because it seems the students are having to teach the teachers. I feel that by the way our world is developing newer and newer technology daily that by the time the teachers around the world get familiar enough with a devise to teach with it there will be a new devise invented and brought about in schools. So I ask myself, if we as teachers are planning on using so much technology to teach in our classrooms how are we going to stay up to date on the newest inventions, especially with the way our economy has been with very little or no income coming to schools?

  2. Hi! My name is Brittany DeFalco and I am also a student at the University of South Alabama enrolled in EDM 310. I will be commenting on your blog as well as writing a summary about your blog and comments I make.
    Check out My Blog. I am taking this class to renew my teaching certificate and I am floored at what I am learning in this class that was only about spreadsheets and PowerPoint 6 years ago. How things have changed. I didn't even know what data your post was referring to by 1:1 but after reading Sabra's comment it sounds like this is a new technology program to get the students and teachers on board with the latest and greatest! I do agree with Sabra's concern. How are we going to stay up with the latest and greatest without the funding? How do you guys do it?

  3. Hey! My name is Courtney Blackmon and I am also a student at the University of South Alabama enrolled in EDM 310. Wow! That is wonderful how your school is transferring to netbooks. It's just a matter of time before all schools are using some sort of iPad, netbook or other amazing technology advance in teaching our students. I agree with Sabra that it must be hard work and very time consuming to learn about these new advances that are placed in your school. But I'm sure it's very worth it! I was curious how you guys get the funding as well for the latest technology in your school. I hope we all as teachers have the opportunity to teach with some really great technologies in the future.

  4. Hello, My name is Shaniqua Washington and I'm a student in EDM 310 with Dr. Stange at the University of South Alabama. I must say that I am amazed to see that your school offers netbooks to students at a younger age. I wish that I had those same opportunities at that age. Although you guys have a few questions, I just wanna give you some encouragement to keep this up. We need more people like this. I hope that you and others will find a better solution as well. I'm inspired to be one of those type of teachers who will include technology in the classroom. The more I learn how to take advantage of technology, the more I want to offer the experience to my future students. Thanks!