Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pt England Year 6 Ambassadors 2012

In 2012 a wonderful group of 8 children in Year 6 (10 year olds) rose to the challenge of representing the school and the Manaiakalani cluster by hosting the many hundreds of adult visitors to Pt England school and the cluster. This link will give you an idea of who they were.

Wyatt, Calvin, Tyla, Isara, Kaycee, Jouan, Gloria and Rocky were selected from a group of about 30 who applied for the role of Pt England Ambassador.  Their written application focussed on things they would like to share from what they had been learning the previous term. They application had to include hyperlinks to the outcomes they had created and shared online - living examples of "Learn, Create and Share".

The movie below is about 20 minutes long and the script was co-constructed on a Google Doc with input from these children, several teachers and the principal.  Each term they updated the presentation so it was kept current with their latest learning.

This is a video of the presentation the Pt England Year 6 Ambassadors gave to hundreds of adults who visited the school during 2012.
As they changed their presentation each term, this video version contains the content each child chose as their favourite speech during the year.

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