Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Nation Born of Sailors: Kia Kaha

We have spent the past weeks reflecting on the huge distance our Manaiakalani schools have come over the last 4 years, and the America's Cup racing this week has underlined it again.

Every class able to watch the racing, in real time, in high definition, with sound, on a big screen.  
And/Or, every kid, on their own device.  All cheering on Team New Zealand. All with access to information and data - at a mouse click.

This wonderful video, "Kia Kaha San Francisco", is presented as a gift from a Nation Born of Sailors to the Best Sailors in the World...

And to many a reminder of the origins of Manaiakalani.....


  1. Brilliant video, thanks so much for sharing.

  2. This post is an perfect example of how our ancestors one dedication can not only continue in different forms but be an influence to others. This post not only shows how sailing came along but shows how the schools can start the advancement of education and its impact can have an even greater reward now and in the future. This is absolutely great.

  3. @naketa @nathalie Didn't they do an awesome job with the video? I was so pleased I stumbled over it - I think it deserves a much wider audience.

  4. The America's Cup is such a thrilling event to watch. The fact that your students could watch it live and have immediate access to information and data juxtaposed with your video of the history of your ancestors and how they are influencing today was a great post to share! The video was excellent! Did your students have any particular assignments tied to the America's Cup event?