Thursday, November 24, 2016

Digital Pedagogy

The search for digital pedagogy that raises achievement
Graphic created by Russell Burt
Dr Rebecca Jesson from the Woolf Fisher Research Centre attended our recent Manaiakalani combined Boards of Trustees forum and presented current findings and recommendations resulting from the research carried out in our schools.

Her half hour presentation was informative, to the point and made very accessible for the audience - most of whom were not educators.

The graphic on the left illustrates one of the outstanding findings shared by the researchers - that learners who spend three consecutive years in the Manaiakalani programme make more progress than the average kiwi kid.

The video below is a highly recommended watch for people wanting a progress update on the 12 Manaiakalani Schools in 2016.  

Another standout quote from the night for this group of parents who may have had questions about their children being in digital learning environments assured them that the face to face conversations teachers have with the young people can be more powerful because of the digital.

"Manaiakalani is one of the most effective interventions across the world for improving face to face conversation". 
Dr Rebecca Jesson, Nov 2016


  1. Hi Dorothy, We used this quote from Rebecca Jesson in our staff meeting slides (from Mark's slides). A great quote.
    Just noticed the sentence is incorrect! Should be: Manaiakalani is one [of] the most effective...