Saturday, June 28, 2008

Google Teacher Academy

This event was held on June 25 at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California- and I was fortunate enough to attend! So before I post about what we did there and the things I saw and learned, a little background...
I first saw the event mentioned on Twitter and thought little more about it until I realised that on that date I would already be in San Francisco on my way to NECC08 and started looking into whether it was
possible to apply. The online details looked like it was worth having a go, so I spent an afternoon putting together my 60 second application and posted it to YouTube along with all the others.
This is what I made (with quite a bit of help from my friends as you can see) and I have also uploaded it to Flickr so that I can share a higher quality version here than we get from YouTube.
The theme was "Motivation and Learning"
It was an exciting moment to get the email back from the Google team to say that the application was successful and I would be able to join the group of Google Certified Teachers. Even better was an email from Jan in New Zealand with a reward for the 3 students who helped me out with it. You can see them in the photo holding their bears in Google T-Shirts.
I have linked to Flickr and podcast posts these guys have made. Jordan, Jama'l from Room 17 and Leoden from Room 15 at Pt England School.


  1. Well done Dorothy. I think the main speaker in the video is really well spoken and a great representation of New Zealand!

  2. And whoever said that Kiwis can't fly!!!!

    Good luck and well done.

  3. @Marnie Leoden is a little star. I was talking to Larry Anderson here at NECC and he pulled out his iPod to show me a KPE episode he shows at conferences - with the same little star.
    @AllanahK Thanks - it was all timing wasn't it? Just being in the right place at the right time :)