Tuesday, June 24, 2008

iPod Vending Machine

I had intended my very first post on this blog to be a report on some important learning from this visit to the USA. Like any self-respecting kid in a mall I have been distracted by a vending machine. Our first visit to shops since landing 24 hours ago was to a mall in Pleasanton, California and outside Macy's we ran into this. It completely captured us and a few photos later you are looking at it on blogger. Barbs1 has already asked on twitter if I bought something! Well the temptation was huge I will admit - to put some money in the slot and see an iPod drop out the bottom. But we resisted, pacing ourselves for the iPhone release on July 11th.
We are wondering if this is a new approach to healthy eating though. Is this the answer to the healthy tuckshop debate going on in NZ schools at the moment? Replace Coke machines and pies with iPod vending machines. Now that would raise a bit of pocket money for the PTA!