Tuesday, July 29, 2008


In an attempt to encapsulate what Manaiakalani is about I have put together this short video on animoto....


  1. I think that is a very cool clip and its message is very clear !

    Well done !

    Jenny She


  2. Hi Dorothy
    Great movie - you are very creative! Can't wait to finish our ICT cluster so we can go for EHSAS too! Sounds like you had an awesome trip to the US - will have to catch up for a coffee so I can hear all about it!

  3. Very cool! SO jealous of what you guys are doing in Australia! Your kids are lucky (and going to be well prepared for life!). Too bad the pic of the earth has North America though :( I was hoping it would be of you guys :)

  4. @ Jenny She - thanks very much for your message. Coming from the animoto Queen herslf that is high praise :)
    @Belinda EHSAS is a great way to consolidate/sustain the work done in a previous contract and I notice quite a few projects are doing that
    @ Sallie - That is such a good point about the map showing North America - I will have to ask Russell (who created the logo for us) what he was thinking when he chose that face of the globe.