Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Online Conversations - unravelling the thread

Participating in a conversation online can quickly become a tangled skein - or a colourful tapestry - depending on the mood the reader is in. I became personally aware of this after my last post when some people commented on the post by leaving a comment in the traditional sense, some sent me their thoughts as public tweets or direct messages, I got a couple of emails, a couple of iChat conversations, a text, a phone call and even some face to face feedback. Oh, and someone notified me they had started a new thread on a Ning in response. Wouldn't it be more fun/enlightening if the whole conversation took place in the same place eg in the comments following?
Being old fashioned I was tempted to copy/paste the other feedback and ideas I had received into the comments under that post, but I was unsure of the netiquette surrounding this. Is that bad form if someone has texted/Facebooked/emailed or DMd? I would really like to know.
I do know that this is where Web 2 currently is at and hyperlinking rulz, but aren't we are all too busy to be trawling several online spaces to participate fully in a conversation?
If you have any ideas about this (or know the rules) please leave them below ;)