Monday, March 8, 2010

Stuart Middleton Engages Teachers at Learning@School

Stuart Middleton opened the recent Learning@School conference in Rotorua with a masterly overview of decades of education in New Zealand and gave us his take on the problem of student disengagement in our schools. He pointed out that there was no way this is something we face on our own; "dropping out of education systems, is now the number one issue of English-speaking education systems..."

Anyone follow this via Twitter and the blogs would have read that the Keynote was universally well received, probably because it spoke directly into issues kiwi teachers are facing right now. And maybe because it was surprising at an ICTPD conference to have the opening keynote address something different from what @deangroom tweeted as the "Blah blah, Digital Native, blah blah, times they are a changin', blah blah, beige..." that we too often seem to hear.

The video embedded below, via CoreEd's EDTalkNZ channel, is well worth taking the time to watch...
"In his keynote address from the 2010 Learning@school conference, Dr Stuart Middleton outlines what is known about disengagement and the reasons for this phenomenon, and outlines potential responses to it."

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