Saturday, March 13, 2010

Aviary added to Google Apps for Education

With a huge focus on creativity in our Manaiakalani projects it has been a concern to some of us that through Google Apps for Ed we are in danger of moving more and more into 'productivity' apps with our students and spending less time on the creative apps.

The announcement that Aviary has been added to the available apps inside Google Apps for Ed is VERY welcome.
Image Editor, Effects Editor etc for graphics is a great start, but even better news for the Manaiakalani schools is the Audio editor.
As Jim Sill says:, "Aviary allows you to create graphics, audio files (Podcasts, VoiceOvers) and more. Now, you can save the files you create and they will be stored directly in your Google Docs account. It also gives you embed codes so you can put the pictures or the mp3 player on your site. This really opens the door for classrooms to produce content and share it with ease."
Can't wait to see our creative students and teachers using it.....