Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Campus Channel

After more than a decade of publishing a daily televised news show, prolific blogging and podcasting, we are still exploring more ways of sharing and celebrating the students work.

When we met up with Jeremy from Tentacle and hear about Campus Channel earlier in the year we were interested with his concept of a simple web based interface for teachers and students to upload movie content to and have it play on screens around the school. At the moment we have it playing on one screen in the foyer and there are always kids, parents and courier drivers sitting or standing in front of it checking it out.

I like the way it uses a simple twitter feed to display messages at the bottom of the screen. And I am amazed at how many people read them! It is more effective than a notice board. I created a twitter account to use just for this purpose, and it cycles through the current and up coming evens and announcements. Well. current as long as I remember to go back and delete out-of-date tweets!

The web interface allows you to create playlists and have different content on different screens. The vision here is more screens in corridors and other public areas of the school in the future.