Friday, December 21, 2018

Telling Our Story

In 2018 we were offered the opportunity to work with a talented digital media group and tell the Manaiakalani story.  We appreciated their patience as they worked with us (herding cats!) to design the story and then capture it on video.
The seven minute version is well worth watching right through if you want to understand Manaiakalani.  We have appreciated the feedback from groups who have used this video with various audiences and report that it does a great ‘sense-making’ job for us.

These shorter vignettes are cropped to tell specific elements of our story for a variety of purposes.

Equity and Access

Russell Burt

Evidence Base

Prof Stuart McNaughton

IT and Infrastructure

Kent Somerville

Aireen Ah Kui
Clarelle Curruthers
Dorothy Burt
Let us know if you find these useful!