Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kids' blogs recognised by the Blogger Team

Some very happy children when they saw themselves featured by the Blogger Team today.  Lesieli, Quasia and Mary are Year 7 learners at Pt England School and have been blogging for three years now.

At this age, and in our learning community, blogging is much more than social networking.  It gives our young people a voice and it significantly increases student agency. It invites the world to participate in their learning journey.  

Link here to the original post.

Thanks to +BrucePolderman and +MylesJohnson for this piece.

We are also grateful to the students in Dr John Strange's class at the University of South Alabama, USA for their ongoing support of our learners and their blogging.  It is very special to young people who live so remotely on the planet to have people from around the globe taking an interest in their learning.