Saturday, January 17, 2015

Learn Create Share

This movie is a brief summary of the backstory of the co-construction of the "Learn Create Share" pedagogy. 

Learn Create Share emerged from the literacy cycles used by our teachers in the days when we had limited or shared access to digital devices. We were looking for ways to ‘hook’ our young people into learning and were exploring the opportunities offered by
  1. the exciting new technologies becoming mainstream in the early years of the 21st century
  2. the connectedness social media platforms were offering freely to all digital citizens
Within limitations imposed by access to these technologies and access to the internet, we chose to focus on the biggest achievement challenge we had in common, literacy. The first project to explore this was a podcasting project called Korero Pt England (KPE) which began in 2005, and through the literacy cycle used to implement KPE we saw significant acceleration in reading and learner engagement.  The research report about this is available here.

In 2007 the initial seven Manaiakalani Schools formed a cluster and 12 volunteer lead teachers piloted constructing versions of the literacy cycle to reflect their own contexts (from years 1-10) and innovative approaches using differing technologies and social networking platforms. Read more about this here.

For three years teachers in the Manaiakalani Schools implemented literacy cycles in their classes and Colleen Gleeson wrote research reports documenting the outcomes.  As we observed the acceleration a recurring theme became, “imagine what we could achieve if our learners each had their own digital device!"

In 2010 the first two classes piloted digital learning environments with each learner buying their own netbook. As the teachers implemented the literacy cycle they soon observed that the three components of the cycle would be equally effective across all curriculum areas. 

So in 2011 when 17 classes across the cluster went 1:1, Learn Create Share (the three elements of the cycle) was successfully trialled in all curriculum areas.


  1. Impressive! When we all, students and teachers alike, have the best tools for gathering and processing information as well as great teachers who believe in encouraging real learning by doing rather than memorizing and burping back information, great things can happen. That is my conclusion about what happens at Pt England Schools everyday! Keep up the great work!

    I hope I get to visit some day. Now that I have retired maybe that will be possible. I hope so! You have all been great friends and role models to me. It has affected EDM310 in many positive ways.


  2. Thanks very much for your support. You have been such an important contibutor in our journey and I do hope that retirement does provide you with opportunities to do things like visiting the outposts of the universe! I do love your 'burping back information' line. That is so true.